1/ GSI was born with what purpose?

In order to provide you the service of products for design work from a photo, vector, icon and the video beautiful style, modern; to help you get more ideas for designed or using the product for the advertising, sales job.

2/ The active break, download the product from unauthorized GSI will be fined like?

Products from GSI site are due to hand the our creative Designer and design, is the exclusive product and do not violate the design of the image anywhere else, so if the products from GSI stolen by an unofficial action will be initiated in accordance with the law.

3/ The Zip format file when downloading the file?

The Zip format file when you download will include a root file or can attach an image file so you can easily observe or use immediately without editing by the other design software .

4/ There are products for free and try it out?

We will offer these free products to download and use the try.

5/ Why must load money to buy products which are not free?

By our products are a unique product, the creative Designer with grey and his ideas with stylish modern design, nice and well as the amount you buy products as motivation to us continue creating more new products than to support development, GSI.

6/ If buy and download wrong product?

The product after purchase and download you are authorized to use on the different purposes, however when the download then you have to accept to buy the product and can not return the product to regain some of the money was spent.

7/ I see a lot of files with image formats (JPG, PNG, PSD, ZIP, ...) with different prices while the same product, why?

Depending on the image format (JPG, PNG, PSD, ZIP, ...) and after the product design and the quality of the product will vary, you can view the amount in each file (the file that are greater then will more quality) to select and buy the right product for you.

8/ I want suggestions for website then how?

You can contact us by email in the contact section.

9/ GSI using the payment service?

We will be supported by the most popular service and always updated the various payment services for you to use.

ViTPR Company And GSI Team