If you believe that any content, pictures or some services of Global Stock Image (GSI) infringes your intellectual property rights, please notify us as soon as possible according to the information below.

We will process each copyright infringement notice that we receive and process in accordance with the Terms of Use of GSI and the provisions of intellectual property law.

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Phone: (+84)129 675 3678

To help we can assist you better please send the required information below, if possible:

  • A Description of the products or service, the meaning or content of a product or service that you believe infringes intellectual property rights.

  • A Description of where the products or service that infringe on GSI (link, location, name, title,etc...)

  • Your contact information.

  • You assure that the product or service that is in violation of intellectual property rights.

  • You assure that your information is correct and accept the penalty if in case the accused is perjury.